Battlefield 3™

Battlefield 3™

Battlefield 3 is the best first person shooter experience available

Battlefield 3 is the best first person shooter experience available. The game was made using the new Frostbite engine, which allows for very realistic graphics, complete destruction and intense action. The game is available for PCs, XBOX 360 and the Playstation 3. The PC version is by far the best one, because the hardware allows for 64-player battles and high-quality textures.

There are three different modes in the game. First, you have the single-player campaign, which should give you about 10 hours of gameplay. Then you have co-operative missions, which you can play with a friend. There are six missions, and you can choose the difficulty for you and your friend. The missions involve hostage rescue, support missions and the like. The gem of this game is the multiplayer mode. It is the best multiplayer experience I have ever seen. There is so much good to say about this mode that I don't know where to begin.

For starters, there is a ton of weapons that can be unlocked. And each weapon has unlockable accessories. You unlock those by killing with the weapon. You get new weapons and perks by ranking up.

There are four player classes: Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon. The first one doubles as a medic, with painkillers and defibrillators. Engineer is all about destruction and repair of vehicles. Support can give you much needed ammo and has a mortar. Recon, my favorite, is all about the distance game. You use sniper rifles and gadgets to mark targets for your team.

I have been playing the game for over 24 hours (in total), and I am no where near to completing the multiplayer mode. And I am not tired at all. The game keeps me coming back for more.

In short, this is an excellent game. It has a lot of replay value, and I see myself playing it for years. There will be a lot of downloadable content. The action is intense, the graphics are astounding and the online components work flawlessly.

José Fernández
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Review summary


  • Absolutely great graphics
  • Immersive gameplay
  • Lots of vehicles
  • Good customization options


  • A few bugs at launch
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